About Forus

Central. Urban. Close.

Central. Urban. Close.

Forus is Norway's most important business area and center for world-leading knowledge, innovation and technology development.

More than 6.5 million square meters of property houses 3,000 companies and 46,000 employees from the country's leading companies and multinational corporates that have chosen Forus as their Norwegian headquarters.

The companies here account for a fifth of Norway's value creation. International networks and shared knowledge enable groundbreaking innovation that creates the solutions of the future.

This culture is what makes Forus a unique business area.

However, Forus is not just a business area. It is also a center for food and drink, shopping and activity.

Here you will find everything you associate with an urban lifestyle and new offers are constantly being developed to make Forus an attractive place to work and live.



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Nothing is far away on Forus. You can reach Sandnes city center, Stavanger city center and Stavanger Airport in less than 15 minutes. With a well-established road network at every turn, you can easily get from A to B, whether you take the car, bus or bicycle.

Distances are not only short to and from Forus - you are also close to customers and suppliers. Forus is a center for innovation and technology development, and this provides valuable network effects. This is why companies choose to move their business to Forus.


Urbanity is linked to human activity, and with its 23,000 inhabitants and 46,000 employees, Forus can safely be defined as urban. Here you will find many urban qualities such as restaurants, shopping and activities.

A well-developed public transport system and road network enables mobility between homes, workplaces and leisure activities. These urban qualities make Forus more than a business area. Forus is a place where you can work and live.


The value of closeness to customers and suppliers has made Forus Norway's largest and most important business area. As a newly moved-in tenant stated in Stavanger Aftenblad: «being located on Forus, with the network that is there, is important for the company. There is a lot going on at Forus. "

The closeness between the companies creates collaboration and a trust-based organizational culture that enables growth and value creation. The flat structure and the shared knowledge are some of the things that make Forus a completely unique business area.

About the Forus collaboration

The Forus collaboration was initiated in 2012 to pursue an overall identity and branding of Forus as Norway's most important center for business and value creation. Forus Næringspark - owned by the municipalities of Stavanger, Sandnes and Sola, leads the collaboration.