The business activity at Forus accounts for a fifth of Norwegian value creation, it is not without reason that we call it Norway's most important business area.

Forus is a center for groundbreaking innovation and business development in the Norway's most important industries.
Here you will find several of Norway's fastest growing technology companies that drive value creation of the future.
It is no coincidence that Forus is Norway's largest business area. Cluster environments provide network effects.


Forus is the center of Norway's most important industry, oil and gas. The operators and suppliers still play a very important role in Norwegian value creation, and at Forus we see the effects of networks and knowledge-driven technology development.

However, the energy sector is also represented by pioneering innovation in renewable energy. The experience and knowledge from Norwegian oil and gas operations is transferred to new focus areas such as batteries, offshore wind and green hydrogen.


Industry and production is in the very DNA of Forus. For more than 50 years, the industry has established itself here and formed what today is Norway's largest contiguous business area. Here you will find suppliers within Norway's most important industries.

Combination buildings house skilled workers and knowledge workers who work side by side. Innovation and technology development for the future industry and competence, take place here - this is what makes Forus unique.


Forus and the Stavanger region are leading in Norwegian mobility. Stavanger Municipality receiving the Mobility Prize 2019 and Kolumbus receiving the Public Transport Prize 2020, testify to the innovative and smart solutions developed here.

The award-winning mobility scheme HjemJobbHjem is the region's collective effort to reduce passenger car traffic and create a broad mobility offer.

Mobility companies such as Kolumbus, YAGO and Podbike are revolutionizing the way we move. In addition to a technology-driven development of the existing public transport service, pioneering innovation for autonomous vehicles is taking place at Forus.


With its central location and size, Forus has become a center of trade. Here you will find large shopping malls and warehouses that cover the entire spectrum of retail. Not only does this create a unique offer for the consumer, but it also creates thousands of jobs.

In the hundreds of shops and warehouses, thousands of skilled professionals work to provide good customer experiences to their visitors. The shopping offer at Forus is not only for those who live or work here, but also for those who come from far away to shop.


A result of the shared knowledge in the networks at Forus, is that exciting collaborative projects are emerging.
Here, companies come together to develop the solutions of the future.
YAGO / Testarena Forus