Life is about so much more than work! Therefore, Forus has become more than just a business area - it is also a center for big and small experiences.


Food and drink

Forus' office buildings house many canteens that are known for their excellent quality, but there are also a number of great restaurants outside the workplace. Perhaps you want to host your seminar at Spisesalen for both professional and edible input, have you customer lunch at Sola Bistro or stop by Kanelsnurren's drive-in between customer meetings?

If you are on the go, you get the city's best take-away sushi from Sabi or a steaming cup of coffee to-go from Vaaland Dampbakeri. For after-work with colleagues or friends, you have to stop by FOMO and Forus' first pedestrian street. Here you get street food, beer and festive rhythms.


With its central location and size, Forus has become a center of shopping. The shopping centers Tvedtsenteret and Kvadrat house a total of 200 stores where you can shop everything in fashion and retail.

Spread across Forus you will also find large warehouses and retailers. Here you have everything from Kverneland Bil and OBS Bygg to Bohus and Elkjøp. Here you can get everything you need!


With a wide range of training offers, Forus facilitates an active lifestyle in combination with work. No matter how you prefer to move, you will find something that suits you. How about trying group training at CrossFit Centrum, climbing courses at AIR by Bolder or a strike at Sola Golf Club?

Between all the buildings you will also find green lungs. Did you know that Stavanger's only "mountain range" runs through Forus? Stop by the green Gausel nature reserve or take the trip over Heddå (76 m) for a beautiful viewpoint between the trees. For fresh sea air, take the trip along the Gandsfjord to Forusstranda.