Business at Forus?

Business at Forus?

So why does so many domestic and international businesses chose Forus as their main location?

Forus is centrally located at the heart of the region and is the connecting link between Stavanger, Sandnes and Sola and hence provide easy access to the airport, railways, ports and city centres.

The number and diversity of businesses offers a huge potential to new markets and synergies, as well as proximity to customers, partners and suppliers. And should you be in the need for something, being to your office, having to organize a conference, enjoy a good lunch or simply doing some necessary shopping after working hours you will find all the necessary facilities at Forus.

So if you are you considering premises or sites for development at Forus, please click here in order to get an overview of relevant real estate companies.

Accessibility and communication

Forus is situated just 10 minutes from Stavanger Airport, with direct flights to a number of destinations in Norway and abroad. The European highway (E39) runs through Forus and having several exits allows for easy access in and out of the area arriving from various directions.

Sandnes Harbour is located just next to Forus and has every week both domestic and European vessels arriving. They can provide a full-range of services related to logistic- and cargo-management, including professional services for hire. They also offer storage services, both at the port as well as facilities centrally situated at Forus.

Forus also offers a well-organized and ever-growing network for cyclists and pedestrians. With the innovative and practical initiative “Electric Bicycle Scheme” anyone can easily and eco-friendly travel to basically anywhere. In addition to this the “Home-Office-Return” initiative provides commuters with access to an electric bicycle and tickets for train and/or bus at a fixed monthly price.

Furthermore, Forus also offers of large number of alternatives of frequently running public transport services, hence providing links to surrounding cities and residential areas. Read more about public transport here.