About Forus

About Forus

Forus is Norway’s most important business area and the driving force within the Stavanger region. More than 2 million square metres of commercial properties are housing approximately 2,500 businesses and 40,000 employees, representing world-leading expertise in a vast number of areas.

The businesses located here are accountable for a large share of Norway’s prosperity. Value-added technology and knowledge are constantly blooming as a result of the cluster-effect and innovation spirit, which all are a part of the ‘Forus-culture’.

Forus is the place in which a number of the nation’s largest and leading businesses, as well many multinational enterprises have chosen as the location for their Norwegian headquarters. Here you will find businesses representing all kind of industries and in all sizes, from exciting technology, contracting and manufacturing, to information technology, general trade and professional services.

There are currently huge and ongoing initiatives and plans for further developing Forus as the country’s leading business hub.

One of these initiatives is the ‘Forus Vision’, which involves a thorough analysis of forthcoming needs and requirements for the next 20 to 50 years. The four main pillars for the vision are city life, resilience, environmental focus and “10 minutes city”.

The video “Forus – Norway’s most important industrial area” provides a glimpse into the expertise, value creation, innovation, diversity and facilities at Forus.